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Internship Opportunities

Business Technology

Internet site development and maintenance is a critical component of most businesses. Our organization is no different: as the programming and redesign of our various websites has become a higher priority, the role of computer-savvy interns has increased at A.E. Schwartz & Associates. This is an excellent equity opportunity for hands-on experience, possible equity and partnerships. The ability to promote and enhance the organization's professional image is as essential as technical knowledge.

Rolling Dates Ongoing Throughout the Year: We are looking to continue work on one of our commercial websites, Internships4You.com and a new project hereismycoupon.com. These combined websites have the potential to become as big as Facebook and bigger than monster.

Programmers (Responsibilities May Include):

  • Re-develop and expand our commercial web site www.internships4you.com utilizing PHP, CGI and other technologies.
  • Develop new website functions, front end design and back end administration, features, and automation.
  • Create solutions and generate information for intranet, partners, and end-users.
  • Maintain and develop our Apache server through new software, security and related.
  • Work with marketing and e-commerce strategies.

A results-oriented opportunity to work with state-of-the-art software for detail-oriented people. Ideal for self-motivated people who are driven to learn new web technologies and implement them while gaining hand-on experience and potential long-term affiliation (equity and ownership/ partnership).

Graphic Designer

Whether it is working on our web sites, on-line learning, books, manuals, slide shows, print, or promotional pieces, image is a crucial part of the business package. Designers must be able to realize new visual concepts for all aspects of our company to reflect the professionalism of their content and medium.

Graphic Design - Print and Web (Responsibilities May Include):

  • Create HTML pages utilizing Dreamweaver and CSS for new commercial website (hereismycoupon.com) and client websites through (aed-is.com).
  • Design sales materials, press releases, training products, book proposals, and training materials.
  • Create new products for readysetpresent.com, PPT templates, presentations, products, manuals, articles, advertisements and newsletters.
  • Utilize a wide range of programs Quark, Adobe CS4 Suite, PowerPoint and many others.
  • Utilize audio and video software to create promotional pieces and products.

A fast paced creative challenge to expand any portfolio with meaningful projects/work.

Writers / Editors

Our interns must function in an editing, writing, rewriting, evaluating, development, and creating capacity. This is for a variety of projects that may include: web site text, SEO meta tags, auto responders, marketing manuals, press releases, e-newsletters articles, PPT products, and more.

Writers/Editors - Print and Web (Responsibilities May Include):

  • Conceptualize and develop website text, e-mails, flyers, documentation and more.
  • Write Press Releases for several of our commercial website that will be distributed nationally through prweb.com
  • Coordinate correspondence between contributors, primary author, and publishers for a pending manuscript with McGraw-Hill.
  • Create sales letters, press releases, marketing materials, PPT products, product descriptions, book proposals, and more.
  • Review and critique sales, marketing and technology documentation.
  • Edit and copy-edit new and existing products and materials (on- and off-line).

This internship offers a percentage of profit created from the team's efforts as well as contract, part or full time affiliation. Interns will receive written acknowledgement in publications when appropriate.

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Sales and Marketing (online or traditional)

Sales and marketing is an integral part of our organization. Marketing on-line and creating business partnerships are vital necessities to the continual growth and success of our organization. This position requires creative and persistent individuals who will clearly articulate the organizations services and their benefits to the decision-makers of the business community.

Sales and Marketing (Responsibilities May Include):

  • Develop partnerships for our commercial websites.
  • Develop strategies and new distribution outlets (on- and off-line) for products at readysetpresent.com and our services.
  • Utilize social networks to develop campaigns for six (6) of our all our internal websites and a few client websites.
  • Contact student groups nationally and invite them to participate in hereismycoupon.com (in development).
  • Assist with client e-mail correspondence, sales manuals, marketing strategy, writing copy, newsletters, press releases, contracts and negotiations and more.

Web Marketing/Placement(Responsibilities May Include):

  • Submit into on-line directories and search engines while monitoring site rankings.
  • Optimize our commercial websites using SEO and additional strategies.
  • Research and build relationships for incoming and outgoing links with other web sites.

This internship offers a percentage of the profit created from the team's efforts as well as potential contract, part-time, or full-time affiliation.

Social Networking/Marketing

Our Social Media Coordinator will understand the value and mission of our websites (primarily HereIsMyCoupon) and appropriately represent this business in the social media space. The ideal candidate needs to have wide-ranging familiarity with major social sites and services; deep personal engagement in social media; and experience pitching bloggers and driving traffic through organic (non-paid) means.

Marketing: Social Media Coordinator (Responsibilities May Include):

  • Create content to disseminate on social networks, aggregation websites, message boards, fan sites and more
  • Actively work to identify relevant audiences for our community campaigns
  • Refine and accelerate our existing social media strategies on Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Monitor social media best practices and provide proactive recommendations
  • Develop link exchanges and ongoing relationships with appropriate partners
  • Track the effectiveness of campaigns in daily and weekly reports
  • Monitor day-to-day social media conversations; and keep up-to-date with emerging social media platforms and opportunities.
  • Observe and identify new trends in social media

This may lead to a full time opportunity based upon our overall success.