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Interviewing Techniques:
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Effective interviewing is a key tool for information gathering. Management professionals can use interviewing techniques to quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively make better decisions about people. In addition to its essential role as a management information device, interviewing also has several important, special applications in hiring, performance appraisal, and disciplinary situations.


  • Learn to develop interview objectives by determining hiring needs and expectations.
  • Define techniques for screening applicants, from resumes and applications to telephone interviews.
  • Learn to prepare effective questions that go beyond the resume.
  • Know how to explore the factors involved in the interview climate.
  • Analyze your interviewing style by videotaping and reviewing practice interviews.
  • Discover the importance of non-verbal communication by observing yourself and others in role-playing exercises.
  • Learn how to handle the problem applicant.
  • Practice terminating interviews positively without making a commitment.
  • Recognize the important factors to consider in evaluating an applicant and the interview.
  • Understand how to compare candidates using criteria set up prior to the interview.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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"A lot to cover but facilitated along very well through the day -- we got a lot done; I feel that I can learn."

"Best program I have ever attended! The tailored compilation of distilled company values, objectives and preliminary questions to meet most objectives was powerful -- great job!"

"In 20 years of being a Human Resource Director -- this was 110%+."

"Getting us as a group to discuss what needs to get done and then forcing us to do it and apply."