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Good negotiation skills are closely related to any business' "bottom line". Effective negotiation determines whether or not important transactions are closed, what the terms of any agreement will be, what you pay for goods and services, the relationship between labor and management, and the nature of any contractual partnership.


  • Understand the role of negotiations and the importance of negotiating skills.
  • Identify greater opportunities for negotiation.
  • Understand the importance of determining needs versus wants.
  • Evaluate your own negotiating style through self-assessment exercises.
  • Understand and use the different negotiating strategies in practice sessions.
  • Learn the essential techniques for pre-negotiation planning and why it is such an essential component.
  • Learn and remember the sequential steps to effective negotiation.
  • Use goals and objectives to define the issues involved in negotiations.
  • Practice and employ several strategies and tactics.
  • Complete several case studies and self-assessments to test what you learn and to gain greater insight into yourself and your style.
  • Recognize the influences at work and gain a better understanding of the other side's needs.
  • Develop a win-win philosophy to create a positive negotiating climate.
  • Understand non-verbal communication and the power of silence.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"Learned a ton, very practical, was able to ask specific questions."

"Worthwhile; most satisfied, well worth the cost."

"Framework for negotiation, questions to ask, and guidelines"

"Very excellent idea to think and write out a personal negotiation strategy. "