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Office Professionalism:
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Your job is expanding as you are gaining new responsibilities and increased work demands. You are no longer just "support staff" -- you are an integral part of the management team, a key link in the organization and the front line to the outside world. You are the vital factor that moves the wheels of progress along daily from 9-5. Your office and people skills are the critical elements that ensure continual success.


  • Learn to maintain a highly organized office by developing key resources such as your boss, co-workers/peers, equipment, and supplies.
  • Discover how to handle common interruptions professionally and efficiently.
  • Understand how to resolve conflict and defuse pressure situations.
  • Increase your problem solving skills.
  • Realize how to organize your time for greater productivity.
  • Learn to build stronger work relationships among staff.
  • Develop assertiveness skills to overcome counter-productive situations.
  • Sharpen your verbal and non-verbal interpersonal communication skills to interact more effectively in professional and social situations.
  • Know how to fullfill your role and the professional responsibilities you have to your organization, your boss, your customers, and most importantly, yourself.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"I like the upbeat approach and the humor; every subject discussed was short and precise--nothing was "too done" which I liked."

"I learned tools that will help me in my job to become a more confident and knowledgeable person and how to better express myself."

"Could be a program for every one throughout the company to attend as this was brilliant, practical, and simply one of the best experiences educationally I have had in over 30 years while attending at least 4 professional development programs annually."