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This intensive program will demonstrate a spectrum of management techniques that outline ways to forecast, schedule, and manage the key resources you need in project management: manpower, equipment, and supplies. You will learn how to develop the qualities of strong leadership that will help bring projects to completion on time and within budget allocation. We will analyze ways to end grievances and poor work habits in the group through use of constructive criticism and discipline. In addition, you will learn how to assess your own interpersonal style and managerial needs.


  • Define the purpose, role, and logic behind project management.
  • Forecast, schedule and manage the key resources needed in project management: manpower, equipment and supplies.
  • Learn the skills needed to run a successful project despite barriers such as limited budgets, tight deadline, conflicting priorities and even organizational challenges
  • Learn how to choose the right team members.
  • Analyze methods which help end grievances and poor work habits in employee groups.
  • Build group commitment and cooperation.
  • Use leadership, group psychology and other proven techniques to your advantage.
  • Assess your own interpersonal style as well as your managerial needs.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve, discuss and translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"Not only do I understand what I have been doing better, I now have more tools to do it better as well."

"This approach and the tools to be more successful with project management are going to cut down on everyone’s stress (and especially mine) plus to improve our bottom line – thanks!"

"It has been an invaluable training along with your style and the review of our existing processes. Your program was not long enough (I want to spend about a month with you to get everything you know and do)."