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Proper Planning
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Effective managers continually analyze themselves and their organization. How well are you doing your job? Are you responsive to the changing needs and goals of your organization? How can you and those you manage be more productive? This practical skill-building program will provide you with the tools to assess and develop your management skills. You will identify primary goals which impact productivity. Understanding planning is essential for any organization's prolonged and stable success.


  • Understand the importance of goal setting related to successful planning.
  • Assess you efficiency quotient relative to time spent on activities and their impact on meeting your objectives.
  • Ensure an environment of high productivity and assured achievement through greater systems and controls.
  • Learn to balance your personal goals with company goals.
  • Develop new techniques for pre-planning and translate these efforts into real-world activities realistically according to time, cost, and resources.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve and discuss.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"I can really see how planning an action plan is essential for the success of a project (large or long)."

"This has been a terrific resource of new information to me that will result in an increase of productivity; best program I have attended, speaker is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and realistic."

"Excellent scope of materials for self-evaluation in proper managerial methods for planning."

"Effectiveness and productivity stem from proper planning; I now understand how to use the right individuals more and how to be effective in daily interactions through planning."