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This program begins by outlining ways adults differ from children as students; how their acquired knowledge and experience makes them more critical judges of materials and instructors; how adults want to be partners, not just pupils with the instructor; and why adults can be defensive and fearful in training programs. After setting up these problems, we will offer techniques for addressing these concerns when planning an adult training session.


  • Recognize the needs of adult audiences and develop a distinct approach that works for you and your participants.
  • Identify the benefits that learning present to adults.
  • Learn how to minimize pressures of success and performance anxiety that inhibit adult learners.
  • Foster a tension-free atmosphere for adults to share their expectations, values, previous experience, professional priorities, and expertise.
  • Create a partnership with adult learners, acknowledging importance of contributions and sharing of information.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"Excellent! Very effective, well organized, interesting, and fun. I have tangible practices to go back to work with."

Louise Limentani, Human Relations Manager
Boston Scientific

"This was a very good program and I would recommend it to other people in my organization. Every minute throughout the whole program was full of information and Andrew is outstanding."

Edward Trainer, Senior Detailer Leader
Barker Steel Group

"I find each and every segment extremely beneficial."

Marlone Apone, Manager, Computer Operations
Want Ad Publications, Inc.