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Communication Skills:
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To a great extent, your professional effectiveness depends on your capacity to interact with other people - patients, clients, colleagues, and supervisors. This training program is designed for people who want to use their communication skills to increase their ability as a service professional. We will concentrate on ways to replace making judgments with strong listening and understanding skills.


  • Recognize and understand the power of communication.
  • Understand how problems develop due to poor listening techniques.
  • Learn the components of effective listening.
  • Manage and redirect conflict and defuse volatile situations.
  • Provide and accept constructive criticism without offending.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to critique and clarify a situation.
  • Enhance your knowledge of nonverbal communication including facial, body, and spatial expression.
  • Apply what you learn to the written word in letters, memos, and reports.
  • Know how to use the last resort.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve and discuss.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

For more information regarding our on-site training programs e-mail at info@aeschwartz.com.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"Most helpful were the portions on communication, positive reinforcement, and how to achieve goals through these techniques. I now will try to better plan out my communication and delegate more tasks among the team."

William Fli, Sales Manager
Computer Marketing International

"Excellent teaching style. Great pace - not too hurried, not too bare. Sense of humor made laughing at yourself easy. Very practical lessons we could all apply to our individual situations. Easy to bring new methods of communicating into personal life as well as a benefit I didn't expect."

Kelly Bradley, Production Manager
Boyd Coating Research Co., Inc.

"Well organized and planned. Andrew is a Brilliant and professional trainer! The clarity of information, the way that it was presented to the group, and the articulate stories that explained how to apply what we were learning, were all well worth the cost."

Carol Buonopane, Administrator
Cortex Corporation