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Goal Setting:
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Goal-setting enables individuals and organizations to set goals and chec k the progress of their short-term and long-term objectives. The purpose of the goal-setting process is to motivate at the individual and organizational levels. It provides you with direction to know where you are going, how you will get there, and how to know when you have arrived.


  • Define and identify the purposes of goal-setting.
  • Understand the central need for and the benefits of goal-setting.
  • Utilize criteria for setting goals to motivate and strengthen yourself and your organization.
  • Learn techniques for incorporating goal-setting into your management style.
  • Discover methods to improve motivation and productivity through goal-setting.
  • Learn how to develop goals that will achieve results.
  • Construct and design goals that are specific, measurable, clear, and attainable.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve and discuss.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"I would not change a thing about this program. I learned to be more specific when giving assignments and to make sure that the employee knows what is expected."

Suzanne Ward, Board Relations Supervisor
Federated Investors

"These sessions help me revisit my goals and actions. I now clarify my objectives and set up a plan which actually gets me to my goals like never before due to Mr. Schwartz’s training."

Fraser A. Lang, President
Manisser Communications

"Being a new manager, knowing what to delegate is a great help. Conflicting demands and effective delegation were areas I need and received help with. I learned the value of meeting with my employees to set goals and expectations."

Amey Cooney, Support Services Supervisor
James W. Daey, Inc.