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The effective supervisor establishes a work climate that encourages employees to contribute to their organization's goals. This training will teach you how to understand individual differences in your staff, analyze situations, apply appropriate leadership styles, and develop staff to assume delegated responsibilities.


  • Understand the essential managerial functions and responsibilities and how most of us learn to supervise.
  • Participate in supervisory style surveys to determine your own personal leadership style.
  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your style and those of others.
  • Learn techniques for responding to the individual motivations of your staff by developing a positive environment.
  • Enhance your communication skills through active listening and positive feedback.
  • Turn conflicts into positive team-building opportunities.
  • Practice analyzing situations and apply appropriate leadership styles to solve problems.
  • Develop the skills necessary to build a staff able to assume delegated responsibilities.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve and discuss.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"The course has been very helpful in assisting me to utilize my current leadership skills, as well as to expand on them to assist me in becoming a more efficient leader."

Kristin Burdek, Manager
Assabet Valley Home Health Association

"My Schwartz presenter was very knowledgeable -- I would like to read some more of his work."

Chester Pioluner, Chief Pilot
Pennsylvania Aviation, Inc.

"This presentation allowed me to understand and learn the differences between management and leadership in a manner that provided clear communication and active participation. The discussions and participation from everyone was very effective."

Herman High, Assistant Director
Central Youth Service Center