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School for Managers:
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It is a manager's job to understand his or her leadership style, to motivate marginal performers, set goals systematically, solve employee performance problems, get superior results from every employee, become more aware and responsive to employee needs, motivate and counsel employees by first learning to listen, offer feedback that yields results, resolve problems, and generate interest and enthusiasm for achieving goals will all be addressed. It's a big job. This seminar will help you do it better. The end result is a lean, thriving, developing organization.


  • Learn the essential management skills, from team-building to goal-setting.
  • Learn the benefits and disadvantages of performance evaluations.
  • Complete supervisory style surveys to determine what kind of a leader you are.
  • Choose and develop the leadership style best suited to your needs and your organization.
  • Learn to delegate successfully by knowing when, what and to whom to delegate.
  • Learn to make the transition from planning to action.
  • Understand the considerations to take for counseling and coaching problem employees.
  • Learn the warning signs for an employee in need of help.
  • Learn techniques for responding to the individual motivations of your staff and developing a positive environment.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve and discuss.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"I feel this program was helpful in learning how to manage employees in a more productive manner. I learned how to take a problem and not only define it, but a strategy to solve it or at least attempt to solve it. Andrew, thank you for the opportunity to learn."

Lisa Marcello, Office Administrator
Hodges Badge Company, Inc.

"As someone that originally went through management development and training about 20 years ago, the benefits of this "new thinking" are numerous. I feel that what I have learned have real immediate value – better than anything else I have attended."

Edward D. Goode, Director
Triumvirate Environmental Incorporated

"This entire program was extremely helpful. I discovered what I am doing effectively and what parts of my management style and critical skills I have to improve upon."

John V. Costello, District Manager
International Transport