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Training For Trainers:
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This active training program will provide you with knowledge and skills that can improve your own training programs. The program will cover the development of a needs assessment and task analysis. You will also learn and practice developing performance objectives, as well as how to produce and use original training aids that will make your training both interesting and professional.


  • Complete a training style self-assessment and understand the different approaches.
  • Learn the role of the trainer as a helper and a leader.
  • Understand the adult learner and his/her specific challenges and strengths.
  • Acquire the skills to manage different personalities and problem students in the classroom.
  • Discover methods of writing realistic performance objectives for training sessions.
  • Learn how to prepare for training sessions with proper research and materials.
  • Make your sessions fun and interesting through better communication skills.
  • Involve participants in the training with good rapport and flexibility.
  • Learn to elicit, accept and analyze participant feedback.
  • Practice, role-play, problem-solve and discuss.
  • Translate what you learn into action.

For more information regarding our on-site training programs e-mail at info@aeschwartz.com.

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What Participants Are Saying...

"I feel I learned a lot and will become a better manager and facilitator."

Keli Khatib, Customer Service Manager
McCue Corporation

"Thank you for the program! Andrew delivered what I actually expected plus more."

Gennady D. Shenker, Consultant
Eastern European Enterprises

"I believe I will improve my life and career because of this program. Stepping back and thinking about what I am doing first was the most useful technique I learned. This will definitely improve my skills and abilities 10 fold."

Edward D. Belz, Assistant Vice President
The Krupp Companies