Corporate Retreats

At A.E. Schwartz & Associates we have solid experience in organizing corporate outings. In reality, many solutions to organizational problems are found outside the office in teamwork situations. We regularly arrange corporate retreats, either white water rafting, rope or challenge courses, carefully designed and highly customized.

These events are conducted in conjunction with a training session in the great outdoors or other exciting options to ensure a greater impact from the synergy between team bonding activities and training sessions. Our streamlined planning process ensures that your team building adventure or corporate training workshop is well-suited to its environment, its participants and the retreat objectives.

Our clients report tremendous satisfaction with the retreat results and the decision-making process as well as the energy and enthusiasm that accompanies participants back to the workplace.

We can provide you with a wide variety of options for your next corporate retreat, to fit your culture, your language and your corporate retreat theme. Let us help plan your next corporate retreat!



"After our first day, I raised my expectations! …well balanced and practical tools. A great amount of work has gone into this program, and it shows."
Michael Bureu, PC Support Manager,Pilot Software

I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss issues amongst myself and others. I also enjoyed working with you to receive feedback on our comments."
Karen Hickey, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Boston Scientific Corp

"This session was very helpful. I discovered what parts of my managing style I have to improve on."
John V. Costello, District Manager, International Transport