Executive Coaching

In addition to conference sessions and on-site training programs, A.E. Schwartz offers one-on-one executive coaching.This personal angle on professional development is ideal for managers of all levels who want to move into the next level of individual and organizational development. Whether for a CEO who wants to improve time management skills or a middle manager who recognizes the need for fine-tuned negotiation tactics, executive coaching is an ideal format for increased ability and confidence levels.

Executive coaching is neither training nor consulting; it is the best parts of each. Lessons extend beyond communication habits and effective to-do lists to managerial strategies such as delegation and handling organizational change. As you gain the understanding and confidence to improve your leadership, your organization will profit from your increased knowledge base.

Individual attention is the cornerstone of this unique program. Your "coach" will provide you with the structure that is best for your character and company. Going beyond the level of tailored organizational sessions, the executive coaching format narrows the focus to areas that you feel require attention. You will be able to implement performance goals and follow through on action plans to produce tangible effects on your daily work habits as well as departmental productivity.

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This session has basically achieved just what I wanted it to do -- get people involved and make them aware that they are part of the overall productive management and that they must communicate and work more closely with each other."
William Musso, Vice President of Production, Matthew Bender Company

"I have definitely acquired more information here than anywhere else on how to successfully manage "correctly" in order to position myself and my company for the future."
John J. McSheffrey, Manager, MIJA Industries Inc.

"Helped me to greatly improve my management and leadership skills."
Patricia Banliew, Quality Insurance Manager, Hybricon Corporation