The following sites are owned and operated by A.E. Schwartz & Associates:

The School for Managers

The School for Managers provides the information required to function effectively as managers. It is a manager's job to understand leadership, goal-setting, motivation, time management, delegation, problem-solving, and decision-making. These dynamic sessions are fast-paced, skills-based and will help you do it better. The end result -- a thriving, developing organization.


ReadySetPresent, where presentation resources are just a mouse click away. Our store is stocked with downloadable, reproducible, content and resources, such as PowerPoint presentations, articles, quotations, audios, handouts and workbooks. Whether you are designing a new presentation or improving an existing program, has everything you will need and more.


Mentor-Protégé pairs mentors with protégés within your organization at any level. Participants may develop their attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, best business practices, knowledge and/or skills. This Mentor-Protégé program can be one of the best choices for your employees, departments and the organization.

Laser Learn

Laser Learn is a unique addition to A. E. Schwartz & Associates' line of fast-paced and participatory programs. Corporate training is taking a futuristic twist. Imagine an environment in which company objectives become "missions," meetings become "debriefings," and office settings transform into a dimly lit, foggy, action packed laser tag arena.

New Division

HereIsMyCoupon, LLC

HereIsMyCoupon, LLC is our newest venture. Here Is My Coupon is an online coupon service. Anyone can use our website to access coupons posted by stores and businesses for free. These coupons can be printed, sent to an email address, or a mobile phone. Our unique online coupon program is powered by College Students seeking to generate up to 40% earned revenue for their Student Group. By networking with local Merchants to post coupons on our website ($180.00 per year), College Students earn extra money and build valuable business skills. This unique workforce will allow us to build a vast, unmatched, and rapidly growing selection of online coupons. Everyone can use our coupons and a unique referral process allows everyone to help us grow and put additional money into your pockets.