"Fun and helpful. The self-test and evaluative sections were particularly useful."

Anne Shepard, Manager, North Eastern Digital Recording, Inc.

"I wish I had come into this program when I was first placed in a management position. It would have given me the tools I need to do my job well early on, instead of groping and observing the manager I work with."

Barbara Babson, Office Manager, Aetna Corporation

"The course deals with very important and useful topics, and has very important technical advice and means: Slow down, relax, be yourself and not Bernard Shaw. Use your own words."

Adam Geva, HMO Director, Kupat Holem; Israel

"The group participation makes you think and get involved. Mr. Schwartz is sharp, quick, and has a great attitude."

Tara Smith, Project Engineer, Ransom Environmental Consultants

"I've listened to a number of time management tapes in the past and always revert back to my old ways. But, this time, I am going to start posting reminders and know it will work!"

Cynthia Harmon, Manager, Feeley & Driscoll, CPA's

"I am now off on the right track. I look forward to reading material and coming back next week. An excellent mix of lecture and interactive exercises. It all fits together."

R. Scott Memhard, Manager and V.P., Cape Cod Ice Cream Company

"This presentation allowed me to understand and learn the differences between management and leadership in a manner that provided clear communication and active participation. The discussions and participation from everyone was very effective."

Herman High, Assistant Director, Central Youth Service Center

"The seminar was very good. It helped define areas of strength and weakness. The whole packet, class discussion, and talking about specific examples were all helpful."

Pi Downsbrough, Caseworker, Department of Youth Services

"The course has been very helpful in assisting me to utilize my current leadership skills, as well as to expand on them to assist me in becoming a more efficient leader."

Kristin Burdek, Manager, Assabet Valley Home Health Associates

"The presenter was very knowledgeable - I would like to read some more of his work."

Chester Pioluner, Chief Pilot, Pennsylvania Aviation Inc.

"I think the overall presentation was very valuable and I hope to improve my working atmosphere to the fullest. I learned important skills: making daily planners, keeping track of what is to be done, how to prevent unnecessary interruption, and, most significantly, not to give up but to try your best, because you never know what the results might be. I enjoyed the personal attention."

Gary M. Kaufman, General Partner, Stephen S. Walker & Company

"This is the third learning environment in the last 15 years that actually and thoroughly addressed the subjects broached. I am pleased to say that I have taken away more here than anywhere else."

Brian Gilman, Forman, TNCO, Inc.

"I found the speaker very knowledgeable and pleasant. It was hard to digest everything but I did pick up a few strong points. I helped me look at the whole picture and to then break it down into works, steps, and solutions. I found all the information useful, and wish I had more time to elaborate further."

Kathleen Ewing, Cahner's Publishing